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।।पाणिनये नमः ।।

लः कर्मणि च भावे च अकर्मकेभ्यः

Explicit Items
English Translation
The tense affixes l(a)(T) l(i)(T) l(u)(T) l(R)(T) l(e)(T) l(o)(T) l(a)(G) l(i)(G) l(u)(G) l(R)(G) called lakAra are used in denoting the object or karman and the agent or kartR in the case of Transitive verbs; and after Intransitive verbs they denote the action or bhAva as well as the agent or kartR
Deutsche Übersetzung
Ein Verbum finitum bezeichnet (ausser dem Agens) auch das Objekt bei intransitiven Verben auch die impersonal aufgefasste Handlung
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